Aliexpress User Agreement

Below are some questions that many users have found to ask themselves. We decided to put them together here. All safeguards automatically apply to all users. In fact, as a buyer, you don`t have to do anything more. As long as your purchase is made directly via AliExpress, you will be protected, no matter what you buy on the platform. 12.8 If you have any feedback on the services we provide, you can contact our customer service ( for AliExpress or for 6.5 can impose, suspend or terminate at any time and with reasonable respect for the member`s use of a service or website, without being held liable to the member if has received notice that the member has received the information that the member has received notice that the member is opposed to an agreement or obligation with a related company, including, but not only to Taobao, Ali, China! this violation involves or is reasonably suspected of involving dishonest or fraudulent activities. reserves the right not to review or request confirmation of the member. (d) a user`s statements or behaviour of the sites; or „platform,“ the platform for third-party, social media-friendly content services for sellers at the following URL: „You,“ „you“ refers to the successfully registered user who participates in the program as a seller or participant. 11.3 You agree that all agreements, communications, requests, advertisements and other communications that you are sent electronically comply with all legal requirements that this notification must be made in writing. 1.1 WELCOME TO ALIBABA.

COM`S FREE SERVICE (the „SERVICE“). Following, the terms of the Free Membership Agreement („this „agreement“) between you („member“) and the contractor defined under Clause 1.1 („“), under which provides you with access and use of the service through websites, mobile sites, mobile applications and other portals, from time to time owned by, exploited, stigmatized or made available to you, which relate to (a) Alibaba`s e-commerce platform, including, but not limited to, the web-optimized and mobile versions of websites identified by the single „“ resource locator and mobile applications of the e-commerce platform (the „Alibaba“ sites are included); and (b) the AliExpress e-commerce platform, including: but not limited to optimized web and mobile versions of websites identified by the single resource locator „,“ „“ and „,“ as well as mobile applications from AliExpress e-commerce platforms (with „AliExpress sites“), (with „AliExpress sites“), as well as „AliExpress“ sites, as well as „AliExpress“ sites. (a) continue to operate on websites in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; b) conduct your business dealings with other website users in good faith; (c) continue to operate in accordance with the conditions and all applicable endorsements; (d) do not use services or websites to deceive individuals or entities (including, but not only for the sale of stolen goods, the use of stolen credit and debit cards); (e) not to imitate yourself as a natural or legal person, to misrepresent yourself or to misrepresent your membership in a person or entity; (f) do not engage in spamming or phishing; (g) do not promote or promote other illegal activities (including, but not only those that constitute a criminal offence, create civil liability, etc.), nor promote or encourage illegal activities; (h) do not include attempts .com to copy, reproduce, exploit or expropriate Alibaba`s various proprietary directories, databases and lists; (i) do not include computer viruses or other destructive devices and codes that result in software or matte systems