Balpa Agreed Scheduling Agreement

Following its victory in the Supreme Court, BALPA today offered Ryanair an olive branch to move forward – a framework that allows for constructive negotiations that, if Ryanair agrees, would avoid the need for strikes. The agreement provides a flexible framework for the airline`s takeover in subsequent years. Therefore, FR would have the time and staff to do more operations and use their money to stay afloat. „This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone at British Airways, and we are grateful to BALPA and our flight operations team for the work they have done to reach this agreement and save hundreds of jobs.“ Are you happy that British Airways and its pilots are reaching an agreement? We know it in the comments! CAE, BALPA and Unite the Union have jointly signed an agreement paving the way for the recognition of trade unions in a new UK airlock base. The British Airline Pilots` Association (BALPA) has confirmed that, despite lengthy discussions with Thomas Cook Airlines over ACAS, no agreement can yet be reached and that strike action will therefore take place on Saturday. The operator`s pilots have agreed to an agreement negotiated by the British Airline Pilots` Association (BALPA) and the airline. The deal means there will be a temporary 20% wage cut. This will be reduced to 8% over two years and will result in a long-term decline of zero%. The pilots agreed to the pay cut after Ryanair boss Michael O`Leary issued an ultimatum that 3,000 job cuts could only be avoided if all employees agreed to cut their wages. The airline and BALPA have agreed on a 20% wage cut. The agreement stated that the percentage reduction would be reinstated over a period of 4 years. „After intense negotiations between Balpa and Ryanair, a set of cost reductions has been put in place,“ Balpa said.

„The pilots agreed to accept a 20 percent wage cut to save 260 threatened jobs, with most of the rest related to possible base closures that remain to be resolved. We will continue to negotiate those jobs with the airline and try to protect them.