Cooperation Agreement Between France And Cameroon

Since 2006, our cooperation has been largely based on the Debt Relief and Development (C2D) contract, which refinances maturity debt payments through grants. The third such contract was signed on 30 June 2016 for an amount of EUR 611 million over an eight-year period, divided into the following sectors: agriculture and rural development (EUR 182 million); infrastructure and urban development (€156.5 million); budget support (€185 million, part of which is for education); Support for governance (€9.8 million) and sectoral and partnership support (€16.38 million). There is a reserve of €61.8 million allocated under the mid-term review. The French Institute of Cameroon, located in Yaoundé and Douala, is the cornerstone of French cooperation in the fields of culture, language, science and research. France has an important security and defence cooperation with Cameroon, focused on training. This is the case, for example, in regional national schools such as the Yaoundé International Staff College (ESIG). Ambassador Gilles Thibault announced during the farewell audience with President Paul Biya at the Unity Palace on July 26, 2019, that his country had signed two cooperation agreements with Cameroon on the same day. One of the €100 million (CFAF 65 billion) agreements is part of the third tranche of the budget support loan and aims to enable Cameroon to continue implementing the economic and financial program that the country signed with the International Monetary Fund in June 2017 and to stabilize the CEMAC zone. The second agreement, amounting to €655 million.