Guest Artist Agreement Equity

Page 1 This agreement is amended from the existing casino contract and has its own book that is being prepared. (1) Three-year contract with effect on March 1, 2014 (End of March The Guest Artist Agreement is used by educational or non-profit theatres that occasionally employ professional actors. There may be no more than two operators in a production under the agreement, unless special permission is granted. A StageManager contract is required if there are more than two actor contracts. This agreement includes three levels of salary depending on the number of performances scheduled regularly. Disney World Agreement. This agreement concerns the theater actors of Walt Disney World in Orlando. Disney`s health insurance is available. The Disney deal is managed from the Orlando office. 9 Agreement and rules for employment under the guest artist contract 9 (c) Individual signature.

The manufacturer accepts that the performance of this contract binds not only the theatre, but also the signatory of that contract as well as anyone under the authority of which that contract is executed. 18. DISPUTES. All disputes arising from employment or employment under this agreement or an alleged violation or violation of this Agreement are resolved and resolved by arbitration by arbitration by the American Arbitration Association arbitration, in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association`s volaire laboratory. The Producer and Actors` Equity Association will be the only party to such a procedure. Each prize awarded is final and binding. Any hearing or arbitration takes place in a location chosen by the Actors` Equity Association. The costs of arbitration, including compensation to the arbitrator, are shared equally between Equity and the producer. The producer must sign at the bottom and return this page to Equity before a guest artist contract can be entered into with an actor. I have read and understood this agreement, producer of the theatre/production organization, and I agree to respect all the rules that are mentioned in this agreement. Producer Date Send it to the guest artists department of the corresponding Equity Regional Office.

Eastern Region 165 West 46 th Street New York, NY (212) Fax: Central Region 557 West Randolph Street, Chicago, IL (312) Fax: Western Region 6755 Hollywood Blvd., 5th Floor, CA (323) Fax: Form #10 CONTRACT BETWEEN ADVERTISING AGENCY AND INDIVIDUAL ARTIST [Agency Letterhead] Date: [Talent s Address] Dear This letter, if executed by you and by us, are a valid and bin agreement The Workshop Agreement. Workshop is a special agreement that is managed by the Eastern Region and is used for the development of new works, usually a musical, and usually before the commitment of a planned production contract. Wages are lower than the usual production rates in exchange for participation in a percentage of gross cash receipts and ancillary duties. In the absence of special circumstances, in a production under this agreement, no more than three actors and an internship manager are hired. If three or more actors are employed, an internship manager must also be used as part of the Guest Artist Agreement. When you post casting notifications in a tabloid as a backstage, you will often see a reference to a particular contract or agreement with AEA.