Ipswich Borough Council Tenancy Agreement

All you need to do is give a simple instruction to your bank or credit union and make sure that the corresponding amount is automatically transferred from your account to the Council if it is due. If you have a lease that started before January 15, 1989 and you move to another dwelling or sign a new lease, you may lose all your legal rights. Please discuss this with a residential options manager. For any new lease agreement granted on or after February 28, 1997, there are significant changes to the old lease rules in effect since January 15, 1989. If your lease started before January 15, 1989 and your landlord does not reside in the same building, you have much greater legal protection. Please read if a tenant dies to get information about what happens when a council tenant who had no one on him dies. Advice and information for people living in Council-owned housing. Find housing, information for council tenants, advice for private tenants, landlords and landlords, and how we help the homeless. If you are away from home for a while but do not want to finish your rent, for example, if you are going to a retirement home or are probably going on longer vacations, you should report it to a housing agent. If you do not tell us that you are going to leave, we may decide that you have abandoned the property and that you have no intention of returning.

In this case, we will probably initiate legal proceedings to take over the property. This is the current rental agreement/rental conditions for council tenants. It should be read in conjunction with the rental manual If you have problems or disorders due to antisocial behaviour, you can report it via the Housing ASB hotline 01473 433325 or by email housingasb@ipswich.gov.uk. But it`s important to start by thinking carefully about whether the problem is something you could handle on your own. This is the most common type of rent. With a secure shorthold lease: If you wish to terminate your lease, you must terminate us at least four weeks in writing to terminate and expire on a Sunday. You will remain responsible for rent, repair declaration and all other rental conditions until the end of your lease. This information provides a brief overview of the different types of leases and the rights you have when renting from a private owner.