Legacy Agreement Definition

Radiant does not provide an upgrade or enhancement to a legacy customer or customer, unless the Legacy customer or customer has the right to obtain such an upgrade under the current software or legacy license agreement, as is the case, and Enterprise has received all monies that must be paid by that customer or in relation to that Legacy customer or customer under software licensing agreement in force. , the legacy contract (or any other applicable agreement) or this agreement, as appropriate. An inheritance of hereditary inheritance is an inheritance of the entire personal estate of the deceased, which would otherwise not be effectively eliminated by his will. With regard to inheritance rights, bequests can be considered legal and contingent. 1. An inheritance is an inheritance by which a certain interest, either present or held in the future, is transferred to the legatee. 2. A conditional inheritance is an inheritance given to a person in such a way that it is not certain that one day interest will come to him. A specific bequest is a bequest of a particular thing or a certain amount of money that is distinguished from all other things of the same kind; z.B. of a certain horse, a certain piece of the slab, of a certain length of years and of this kind, which would immediately put in the mouth with the agreement of the executor. A specific bequest is linked to the time of the establishment of the will; it is a bequest of something special that belongs to the deceased at the time, if such a thing were to be in the possession of the deceased at the time of his death. If it is not in the possession of the deceased, the Legate has no right. There are bequests of quantity in the specific type of bequests, such as as as so much money compared to a particular fund for their payment.

This agreement does not constitute an assignment or assignment or attempt to transfer or transfer a Cinemark Legacy agreement if and to the extent that it is a „non-attributable legacy agreement,“ which means that the sale or sale of this Cinemark Legacy agreement would constitute a violation of the terms of that Cinemark Legacy agreement. Any inheritance that is not included in the definition of universal bequests and bequests under a universal title is a legacy under a particular title. A life inheritance is sometimes given to another person with an execution after the death of the tenant; in this case, the tenant is entitled to life to the possession of the inheritance, but if it is a particular item, the first legatee must sign and leave to the second, a statement of the places of the who express that they are in his care only for life and that they must be delivered afterwards, and to the second inheritance. A legacy for life, if of certain things, is a gift of property. This type of inheritance is so far general and is so different from a certain, that if the funds are summoned or fail, the bequests are not deprived of their inheritance, but can receive them from the general heritage. The intention of the deceased, if uncertain, must be sought, and all words that express the intention to give or create an inheritance are sufficient. An inheritance can be lost because of decay, attachment and decay. If the Legate dies before the deceased or before the state in which the inheritance is fulfilled, or before the arrival of the moment when it is intended for participation of interest, the inheritance is cancelled or extinguished.

A bequest is common when given in such a way that it does not result from a bequest of a certain part of the personal estate of a deceased; Money in general or from the deceased`s personal estate or other estate. A general bequest is proportional to the death of the deceased; it is a bequest of such a sum or thing at that time, or an instruction to the executors, if such a thing is not in the possession of the deceased at that time to obtain it for the legatee.