Linkage Agreement

Year after year, about 25% of eligible postbac premed students applied for a liaison program. In 2014, the proportion of students who accepted a link appointment and accepted into their chosen liaison school was 78%; This figure was 52% in 2015 and 72% in 2016. NOTE: Models of different types of liaison agreements are provided only in the form of guidelines and proposals. The user interface strives to respond sensitively to the cultural and legal concerns of partner institutions, which may require adapting these models to specific needs. At the same time, IU programmes, colleges and departments are strongly encouraged to develop all new liaison agreements with the cooperation of international programmes to ensure that the legal and other interests of the IU are also taken into account. We are currently proposing liaison agreements with the following institutions: Liaison agreements (also known as early reception programmes or routes) are contracts between institutions that provide support for the admission of highly qualified students. The winners would be enrolled in the school of gestge during the academic year immediately after graduation. Check out our agreements below if you are interested in osteopathic medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or a master`s degree in economics and science. Q. It is a link at the departmental or higher education level, with no impact on the funding of headquarters or other obligations. Why should I develop a formal agreement and manage it through international programs? The liaison agreement aims to attract certain types of students according to WesternU/COMP: those who launch the link must also read carefully the written agreement to ensure that MU can meet all the commitments it has made. It is important that the written document indicate exactly what has been agreed. GT wants to establish relationships with high-level international institutions to facilitate academic exchanges and other cooperation activities.

Most of these partnerships are initiated by individual faculty members. Most agreements fall into one of the following categories: Linkage is a formal agreement between the Premed Postbac Program and a medical (or dental) school that allows highly qualified post-advanced students with a strong interest in the school to expedite the application process. The following school year, usually after the end of the orgo year, a successful liaison candidate was enrolled in one of the 16 liaison schools. The following pages contain standard forms and agreements on international links. These are made available to you when reviewing the details necessary to be included in a formal agreement.