Planning Performance Agreements

A potential applicant should expect a clear, timely and relevant vision of the merits of a development proposal, as well as clear advice on consultation requirements and notifications to be submitted with a formal planning request. We are well aware that the agreement of an AEA should not take valuable time and resources, so that it in itself becomes a workflow and delays the discussion and definition of a planning proposal. The real task is not to negotiate an agreement, but to define a framework at an early stage. This can help achieve the goals; Measures necessary for the planning request to be formulated, submitted and validated; Conduct consultations in a coordinated and informed manner. A planning performance agreement is a project management tool with which local planning authorities and candidates can agree on schedules, actions and resources for processing certain applications. It should cover the pre-application and application phases, but it can also extend to the post-application phase. Performance planning agreements can be particularly useful in defining an efficient and transparent process for defining large and/or complex planning applications. They encourage cooperation between the applicant and the local planning authority and can also contribute to the meeting of other parties, such as legal advisors. A planning performance agreement is voluntaryly agreed between the applicant and the local planning authority prior to the application and may be a useful priority for pre-discussions on issues to be addressed. If a pre-application is to be useful, a development proposal may change before submitting a formal planning application. This could solve problems identified in the pre-application phase and/or raise new issues that need to be discussed. When a planning request for a major development proposal is submitted without a planning performance agreement, we treat it as a routine application as part of our team`s existing workload, with no dedicated resources.

It is determined without the long-term dialogue that usually takes place through such systems. As with all project management approaches, it is always helpful to keep the content of planning performance agreements as simple as possible and the main idea should be that the parties agree on the way forward. At least a simple approach, such as an agreed-on-schedule approach, development goals and task responsibility, could suffice. In highly complex systems of strategic importance, it may be necessary to develop a common vision in order to promote stronger collaborative work. There must always be a clear and agreed timetable for a decision on the application as soon as it is submitted. Please email your completed proforma to See a copy of our standard planning performance contract (pdf 211KB). Please read it carefully before contacting us on and explaining the nature of your scheme. A planning officer is then assigned to the case and contacts you to move the case forward. Before filing a planning application, a planning agreement must be reached to exempt the application from the legal decision-making period (although a written extension of time may be agreed after an application has been submitted).

An AAE between the applicant and the local planning authority does not guarantee a building permit, but it certainly improves communication between developers and the City Council and significantly increases the chances of a positive conclusion. We highly recommend their use. The national planning framework recognizes, in appropriate cases, the benefits of a design review. The local planning authority should consider offering, if necessary, a design review with its pre-application service.