Qantas Insurance Agreement Hospitals

This offer is only available to new members who enter into a combined policy for suncorp and Extras Health Insurance Hospital until December 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. (AEDT). Not available for existing health insurers with AAMI, Apia, Suncorp, nib, GU Health or Qantas, or for previous policyholders who have taken out health insurance with one of these brands and who have terminated their policy 6 months before or during the bidding period. However, you can check out our guides here to find out if you are using health insurance supplements and change health insurance policies for some helpful tips. Although this health insurance is for travellers, it remains health insurance, not travel insurance. This means it can`t cover you outside of Australia. However, you can temporarily suspend your insurance coverage during the trip to save money on your premium. Important: the above information is based on the Qantas insurance website in July 2019. Find out how students can benefit from income insurance. Learn about our flawless agreements for certain procedures, including knee and hip replacements All large health insurance companies have agreements with a large number of private hospitals, but it is recommended that you check before deciding which hospital they should be treated in.

This is especially important if you have a hospital in mind before treatment or if you live in a rural area where the nearest private hospital may be remote. ComparingExpert currently does not have access to this provider. Visit to request an offer and compare their price and benefits with the Australian private health insurance to which we have access. Other discounts: Qantas Health Insurance offers a premium program associated with its Qantas Frequent Flyer program. It is issued by NIB and organized by Qantas Airways. Qantas Health Insurance offers special promotions for Qantas Frequent Flyer members and points that have been collected on premiums. Read more: The health insurance premium programs of GMHBA, Qantas, Medibank and more have agreements with most private hospitals throughout Australia, so that no matter where you live, you should be able to find a hospital near you. If you choose to be treated in a private hospital that does not agree with your health fund, the extent of coverage you receive depends on your policies. Keep in mind that you most likely have an a-pocket cost during treatment. Good morning.

We`re looking for a family package for insurance. Three family members have medicare and one of them is not entitled to a medicare based on visa status. Is it a problem for claims, as I have seen, that claims had to first go to medicare. 2) The silverplus and the best extras I see come with a bonus of 80,000 qantas points, I guess it`s a family package and not per person? Our graph below shows the assessment of the CHOICE gap for the NIB (Qantas-Krankenversicherungs-Muttergesellschaft) which takes into account the percentage of services for which members paid either no deviation or a known deviation from the national average. If nib does not agree with the hospital you wish to visit, you may face significant costs for your hospitalization. This can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which cannot be recovered by the pen. Please contact the hospital to explain the cost of your respective procedures. Qantas Health Insurance offers hospital coverage that allows you to access private hospitals and extras that pay for medical care outside the hospital, such as dental examinations, optical services and physiotherapy.