Symantec Agreement Number

Symantec Rewards is a purchasing program that allows small and large businesses to easily access all Symantec software solutions, as well as support and maintenance options, with volume buying incentives, predictable pricing methodology, regardless of the volume, ease and flexibility of centralized purchases. Each Symantec-SKU is awarded a certain number of points. By purchasing more products, points are collected (each year), allowing the organization to be placed in cheaper price bands. Symantec Express is a purchasing program for small and medium-sized businesses that need a reasonable way to purchase small amounts of licenses without the need for paperwork. Companies can use this program to purchase Symantec security and availability products, as well as support and maintenance options. The more licenses ordered for a given transaction, the greater the price incentives. Symantec Enterprise Options is a prepaid program that allows companies to provide a certain amount of product dollars within certain Symantec product families for certain operating system platforms for fixed discount rates over a period of time.