The Committee On Regional Trade Agreements

The agreements referred to in Article XXIV were notified to the Council for Trade in Goods (CTG), which defined the terms of reference and forwarded the agreement to the CRTA for consideration. In accordance with Article V of the GATS, SAAs for trade in services were notified to the Council for Trade in Services (STC), which may have chosen to forward the agreement to the CRTA for consideration. Unlike the TSRs notified under Article XXIV of the GATT, such an examination was optional. In the vast majority of cases, such a review was ordered. As part of the transparency mechanism, a new public database on SAAs has also been created. It provides for the first time access to detailed information on regional trade agreements around the world and a perspective on the impact of these agreements on the multilateral trading system as a whole. Browse online Documents General documents related to regional trade agreements are coded WT/REG/*. As part of the Doha Trade Negotiation Mandate, they use TN/RL/* (* accepting additional values). These links open a new window: leave a moment before the results are displayed. However, due to a lack of consensus among WTO members, no audit report has been prepared since 1995, when audits of agreements were carried out in different working groups prior to the establishment of the Committee. Paragraph 29 of the Doha Declaration calls for negotiations to „clarify and improve“ disciplines and procedures under existing WTO provisions on regional trade agreements (RHAs). The CRTA is also responsible for reviewing how to carry out the necessary reports on the implementation of the agreements and to develop procedures to facilitate and improve the audit process. The CRTA is also tasked with examining the systemic impact of ATRs on the multilateral trading system and the relationship between them.

The Commission on Regional Trade Agreements (CRTA) reviews the various regional agreements and is also responsible for conducting discussions on the systemic impact of agreements on the multilateral trading system The terms of reference of the CRTA are contained in WT/L/127. It is the presidency. One of the main features of the transparency mechanism is the early announcement of the AAH, the guidelines for the notification of SAAs and the preparation by the WTO secretariat of an „factual presentation“ of ASPOL to assist WTO members in reviewing a notified ATR. The Committee`s work was thoroughly revised following the General Council decision of 14 December 2006, which provisionally established a „transparency mechanism for regional trade agreements“. On the 10. At the Nairobi Ministerial Conference in 2015, WTO members adopted a Ministerial Declaration in which they agreed to work towards the transformation of the current interim transparency mechanism into a permanent mechanism, without prejudice to issues related to declaration obligations. Ministers also instructed the CRTA to discuss the systemic impact of the ATR on the multilateral trading system and its relationship to WTO rules. The legal analysis of the WTO provisions highlighted the differences of opinion on the interpretation of certain elements of the WTO rules applicable to the FRG. Based on contributions from WTO members and documents from the WTO secretariat, in-depth discussions took place on many aspects of GATT Article XXIV, the Enabling Clause and Article V of the GATS.

Document WT/REG/W/37 summarizes, on a factual basis, the debate on the legal aspects of WTO provisions. See also the annotated list of systemic outcomes prepared by the Secretariat (WT/REG/W/16). The Secretariat has carried out studies on horizontal comparisons of ATRs. . . .