Third Party Billing Agreement

The third-party bill (contract) is the process by which De Temple University charges an external organization/company for all or part of a student`s teaching and/or expenses. Third-party billing is unique in that the organization/external company needs a university invoice before payment is made. Third-party counting (contract) is subject to the same federal reporting obligations as other subsidies. If your third party does not pay the agreed tuition and fees, with the exception of Chapter 33 or 31 educational programs, through the U.S. military, you will be liable for payment and you can pay a late fee. What happens if the third party does not pay your account balance? If the third party requests an invoice from the university and is not part of the U.S. Army`s education programs, the following documents must be submitted by the fifth day of teaching: a specific form that gives information to the student and sponsor and authorizes the FSU to disclose all academic and financial information to third parties. This form must be submitted for any duration paid for by the Agency. If you expect a third party to pay your tuition and other fees, special agreements must be made with the third-party coordinator before the invoices can be issued to the third party. In the absence of required documentation, no credit will be credited to the account. All fees on the student`s account are expected after the expiry of the reserved payment period (10 days from the beginning of the semester) or late payment fees may be charged. An official Agency document that indicates the sponsored student and his consent to pay some or all tuition and other qualified fees.

This document must be submitted for any mandate that the Agency will pay. Temple University requires your organization/company`s permission to enter into a third-party billing contract that allows the university to charge your organization/business directly for an authorized student account fee. Student Business Services is responsible for billing tuition fees and tuition fees on behalf of students by third parties. Third parties may include U.S. or foreign government agencies, private companies, U.S. military agencies and other private industries. Students whose organization/company has not authorized the full payment of all tuition and tuition fees are responsible for paying the remaining fees until the billing due date. Students should complete the third-party agency billing contract electronically by downloading the form here. Once you`re done, click the Send by Email button and attach a copy of your third party`s letter of authorization, you promise to pay or another letter indicating the amount that will be covered by the third party. Once we have received the necessary documents, we will divert your account from the amount your third party has promised to pay. Students have four functions as a third party: under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, fSU does not have the right to disclose information to students without the student`s written consent. By signing the third-party agency`s billing agreement, the student authorizes the FSU to disclose all financial and academic information to the third party on the „Third Agency Billing Agreement“ form.