Toptal Talent Agreement

Note: This customer platform access agreement is a substantial overhaul of the previous toptal online agreement entitled „Client Services Terms of Service“ and replaces this previous agreement in its entirety. Please read it carefully to familiarize yourself with your rights and obligations regarding the use of parts of the customer platform. No trust; Request due. You acknowledge and accept that, given the general nature and „how“ of the site and content, you do not explicitly rely on the statements or content contained on the website or in the content to make business decisions. Resource allocation and personnel issues are inherently complex and unique. If you decide to continue your application to find out if Toptals Service is right for you, you have the option of applying to Toptal for additional purposes and you should conduct an independent investigation into the adequacy of The use of Toptal for your specific business requirements. It is only after such appropriate diligence, a thorough review of the toptal service offer, including the terms of Toptal service contracts and a review of all the freelancers That Toptal offers you, that you should come to a conclusion or make decisions as to whether Toptal or a freelancer proposed by Topal is the right one for you and your specific project requirements. We`ve hired toptal developers. You can refuse the trial if you are not satisfied with the work and they do not charge you.

We had already turned down the developers. You are right that if you accept the trial version, they will charge you for the trial version, and that has been clearly explained to me. Our trial version lasted 1 week, as it is a complete custom website before/back-end. The hourly rate is much lower than your btw. I see that rates vary considerably from country to country. These terms and conditions apply to your access and use of (the „site“), including all software, data, reports, texts, images, sounds, videos and content provided by any part of the site (together „content“). The content covers all the building blocks of the set, as well as elements and parts of those elements.