U.s. And Vietnam Repatriation Agreement

Waldman declined to respond to efforts to renegotiate the deal with Vietnam, and the Vietnamese embassy did not respond to several requests for comment. Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Advancing Justice), a member of five civil rights organizations, and the Southeast Asia Resources Action Center (SEARAC) reject any changes to the agreement that would jeopardize the protection of Vietnamese immigrants, including a provision that does not allow for the deportation of those who entered the United States before July 12, 1995. SAN FRANCISCO — The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reportedly met with Vietnamese government officials this week to discuss drastic changes under an agreement that has governed the deportation of people to Vietnam since 2008. The White House`s willingness to assume this legally dubious reinterpretation seems to be attributed to its reluctance to renegotiate the entire agreement. == If the agreement had refused to renew the agreement, Vietnam would no longer be on the hook to receive the deportees. The White House, which is clearly not interested in handcuffs in this way, has instead reinterpreted the deal. This measure allowed ICE to continue expelling Vietnamese people after 1995, while essentially denouncing the Vietnamese withdrawal agreement before 1995. When it first decided to reinterpret the 2008 agreement, Donald Trump`s administration argued that only newcomers convicted of criminal offences before 1995 were exempt from the protection of the agreement and allowed to be deported. Vietnam first admitted and accepted some of these immigrants before stepping up its resistance; A dozen Vietnamese immigrants were eventually deported from the United States. The August decision to change course, which was reported to a California court in October, appeared to freeze, at least temporarily, such measures, but the recent postponement calls into question the fate of more Vietnamese immigrants.

All arrivals before 1995 are now excluded from the protection of the 2008 Convention. Among those reactions was the December rally in California, during which supporters urged the government not to change the U.S.-Vietnam agreement, said Tung Nguyen, an activist threatened with deportation who helped organize the events and has nothing to do with Nancy Nguyen.