University Of Saskatchewan Faculty Collective Agreement

A normal meeting for teachers, trainers and laboratory trainers More than 1,100 university of Saskatchewan science staff have joined the Public Service Alliance of Canada and will now benefit from improved working conditions and free collective bargaining. I am very pleased to report on this and, as you all know, membership of the ASPA voted in favour of accepting the 92.5% interim agreement. I have personally heard from several ASPA members that they are very pleased that we have settled this round of negotiations on time. Time to file documents after request for promotion or warrant. Application time for promotion, merit or duration and presentation of supporting documents (only for promotion and/or mandate) Academic staff who wish to challenge a negative decision on renewal or mandate must file an appeal with the faculty association. Please note that documents published online are not legally binding. Except for the errors made during the commission and the omission. CGI granted to university officers who are not audited, a time limit for university officers to remove a sabbatical that has already been given a time limit to apply for sabbatical in the following academic year, summarized in section 17 and Schedule D of the collective agreement. April 1, 2019: Presentation of interim agreements (232 KB) „It is inspiring to see that workers are mobilizing, organizing and demanding respect, even though this federal government is working to deprive workers and unions in this country of workers` and trade unions`.“ The reorganized bargaining unit will join 22,000 PSAC members in 51 other bargaining units at 24 different Canadian universities.

For Marianne Hladun, Regional Executive Vice-President of the PSAC Prairie region, the success of this new unit is proof that unions are stronger than ever, despite relentless attacks from the federal government. „In my last job, the union was very active in drawing people`s attention to their rights as workers and showing the employer that some of their expectations were inadequate.“ March 26, 2019: University of Regina Academic Bargaining – Tentative Agreement Reached (217 KB) Deadline for filing your annual information forms and vouchers if you are a university staff member with Tenure Track Appointment Once the new native is created, she hopes to be associated with the local executive or the negotiating team to negotiate a first contract.